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We live and work in a time of transformation. Sustainable and digital transformation is firmly underway, and are strategic priorities for finan­cial institutions and international corporates alike. Add to it the two great cur­rent disruptions to global trade – the ongoing impact of the pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine – and the complexity is hard to overstate.
These are the topics that are firmly in our sights as we launch our rebranded newsletter. At their best, keen insights can help us prepare for the chal­leng­es created by change – and help us steer towards the op­por­tuni­ties. As your trusted partner, it is our job to keep you informed and support you as the landscape continues to transform.‍

Expert view‍
The shifting currents of global trade: major trends, challenges and opportunities‍

Brigitte Réthier offers her expert per­spec­tive on the key trends shaping global trade, including changing geopolitical dy­nam­ics, energy diversifi­cation, securing supply chains and cross-industry col­lab­ora­tion.‍
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Industry focus
The Big Bang: ISO 20022, migration success and lessons learned
March 2023 marked the highly an­tici­pated launch of ISO 20022. Ingrid Weißkopf and Dr Roland Nehl discuss a play-by-play of the pay­ment migra­tion weekend and the oppor­tunities ahead for both FIs and cor­porates.
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Regional spotlight
Tectonic shifts in trade: the outlook for Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Cutting through the complexity of the East­ern Europe and Central Asia markets, our experts share their insights on how trade has changed, and the outlook for the future.
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Commerzbank in the News
Kotzbauer talks restructuring, resilience and regionalisation with The Banker
June’s edition of The Banker featured an interview with Commerzbank’s Michael Kotzbauer, the board member responsible for Corporate Clients. He discussed the bank’s return to Germany’s DAX index in 2023 after a five-year hiatus and the recent restructuring. Kotzbauer also lauded the Mittelstand and the contribution of SMEs to the German economy. He commented: “Look at the digital and energy transformation — new technology, hydrogen and carbon storage; a lot of it is coming from the German Mittelstand, which has exactly these strengths. These are highly resilient companies, very experienced in international markets. They are driving growth momentum and driving change.” Read the full interview with The Banker [paywall]

USD 52 million loan for green finance banking in Brazil
Brazil is an important player in the global push for a greener and more resilient economy, and meeting the country's climate and development goals requires public and private funds. To help address this need, German development finance institution DEG - Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH provided a loan with a total volume of USD 52 million to Banco Safra, Brazil's fourth largest private bank. Commerzbank has contributed USD 15 million of the long-term loan. The use of proceeds will be invested by the borrower in different green initiatives. This combined engagement is a model for impact financing, highlighting the importance of private capital for Brazil's economic transformation. “At Commerzbank, we are convinced that by working together with our clients we will be able to make a significant contribution to achieving climate goals and a long-lasting sustainable transformation,” comments Juan Löhnert, Commerzbank’s Regional Head FI, Latin America.

Vitzthum lends voice to Reuters’ ESG expert compendium
Commerzbank’s Director of ESG and Sustainable Finance Solutions, Wolfgang Vitzthum recently featured in an expert whitepaper compiled by international news agency Reuters. The newly published report, titled “ESG Under Pressure: An expert case-study compendium” delves into the role of ESG in decision-making for key market players, and how sustainable principles are being woven into long-term strategies. Vitzthum joins other thought leaders from across the banking, business and private equity sectors, to offer his insights on top strategic priorities for ESG diligence. Key takeaways include how ESG considerations factor into M&A transactions, identifying growth opportunities and how technology is being used to process and secure sensitive data. Download the whitepaper from the Reuters website

Commerzbank wins three leading industry awards
Commerzbank has been awarded Best Trade Finance Provider in Germany for the fourth consecutive year by the leading banking and finance magazine Global Finance. The Trade Finance & Supply Chain Finance Awards 2023 are based on data gathered from banks, analysts, corporates and other industry players. Global Finance also named Commerzbank overall Best Bank in Germany, owing to the success of its current corporate strategy – which has resulted in the highest profit recorded in more than a decade. Reflecting the bank’s commitment to digitalisation, Commerzbank has been recognised by Euromoney as Western Europe’s market leader in the use of technology in trade finance. In the 2023 edition of Euromoney’s Trade Finance survey, which assesses responses from thousands of trade finance users, Commerzbank was placed first in the regional ‘Market Leader – Technology’ category.

Commerzbank celebrates 50 years in London
In April, Commerzbank’s London branch which is located in the heart of the City, celebrated its 50th anniversary. “We’re delighted to celebrate this milestone,” said David Clapham, Country CEO, UK. “As a core German relationship bank for international business in the UK, we put our corporate and institutional clients at the heart of what we do. We’re driven by integrity and united in our ambition to deliver innovative solutions to support our clients in reaching their goals.”

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